Software is our world

Using the most cutting edge technology, we write software for clients all over the United Kingdom.

We write in almost every programming language available, this enables us to provide you with software for a massive range of devices. Anything from smartphones to Linux single board computers, we can build completely bespoke software solutions for your business.

Here at Logical Software we believe that our clients deserve only the best. For that reason, we use the very latest tools and equipment to write software for you and your business that will last the test of time and utilise the most modern technology available.


Fast & reliable

We give time scales of weeks, not months or years. We are extremely confident in our abilities and know exactly what we can provide. Once a job is agreed upon, work begins almost immediately and we don't stop until you are completely over the moon.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and quotations are free of charge with no obligation.


So, what can we offer you?

We can provide you and your business with absolutely anything software related.

Web Development

We can design websites as well as full cloud based CMS systems, all bespoke to you.

App Development

Mobile application development for smartphones and tablets (Apple & Android).

PC Development

Bespoke PC software developed for Microsoft Windows as well as Mac OS X & Linux.

Embedded Development

We can write embedded applications for single board computers (Linux based).


A lot of technology requires the web to distribute and handle data, we can host this for you.


Anything we develop for you can be supported for years through maintenance agreements.

Contact Us

You can contact us through a few methods, we're always more than happy to talk.

Phone: 01273 251524


Website: Click here